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When life takes an unexpected turn, you might find yourself in need of a dental repair. Mr. Mike Ankermiller of NuSmile Denture Care in Kennewick, Washington, offers a range of quality treatments, including same-day dental relines and repairs for optimal efficiency and convenience. Mr. Ankermiller is here to help when you’re in need of effective, fast, and reliable dental care. To take care of your dentures, call the office to speak with a friendly staff member or schedule online.

Repairs & Relines Q & A

What is a dental repair?

Sometimes dentures can require repair. In many cases, the denture can fracture, or the material can erode. Dentures are typically made from a material called acrylic resin that’s durable, comfortable, and repairable.

In an in-office procedure, Mr. Ankermiller can add more acrylic to the denture for reinforcing and to bond a fractured or broken area of the denture.

The NuSmile Denture Care group can meet all of your denture repair needs and often provide same-day dental repairs to ensure the form and function of your dentures is restored.

Professional dental repairs are far superior to any do-it-yourself kits.

The NuSmile dental professionals are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. The qualified dental group offer a range of services, including:

  • Relining and rebasing dentures and partials
  • Repairing cracked or fractured denture bases
  • Adjusting any metal clasps associated with partial dentures

The NuSmile Denture Care restorations are functionally correct and aesthetically pleasing and all repairs are performed in the convenient on-site lab. Some damage or wear is so extensive that a new denture must be fabricated.

What are dental relines?

Relining the denture is an integral part of denture repair. A dental reline or denture reline procedure involves the placement of a new lining or base in your dentures to refit your dentures to the tissues of the mouth. Relining is simple and affordable and often used when dentures don’t fit properly or as a preventive measure.

Relines can enhance comfort and stability and help to prevent food from going under the denture. Most relines are performed in one-day at the convenient NuSmile Denture onsite lab.

Relines might be recommended for a number of reasons. The most common is to address ridge resorption (the shrinkage of bone over time caused by the normal process of aging) or after natural teeth have been extracted.

Most dental providers recommend relining dentures once every two to three years.

Relines are important for the maintenance, health, and support of your oral tissues and bones.

A reline isn’t always recommended for a denture. If a denture has lost some retention and the bite has changed considerably, a new denture may be necessary.

During a dental reline, Mr. Ankermiller shaves the underside of your denture and replaces the plastic of the entire tissue side of a denture with new plastic to re-align the denture properly with your gums.

What are the different types of dental relines?

There are different types of dental relines.

Hard reline

A hard reline is typically stronger than a soft reline. The harder material is long-lasting, durable, and effective.

Soft reline

During a soft reline procedure, Mr. Ankermiller uses a waxy material that’s soft and pliable to line that part of the denture that requires repeated relining.

The material remains soft for at least one year and is superior to ordinary acrylic. A soft reline procedure is often a good choice for painful and sensitive gums since the soft material doesn’t irritate or cause sore spots on the gums.

Temporary reline

Temporary relines are used for those with swollen gums due to continuous denture use over a long time. A temporary reline is usually performed before a hard reline. An impression won’t take well when the gums are in poor shape. A temporary reline can help to minimize the swelling until your gums return to normal (usually a few weeks).

If you need a dental repair or if your denture isn’t secure and you’re not happy with how it fits, visit NuSmile Denture Care for attentive dental care. Call or click to book online.