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Should I wear adhesive or denture cream to my appointment?

No. Wearing adhesive when you need a denture reline or adjustment will cause problems with the impression and the paste adhering to your denture. You would not want to put Vaseline on your home walls before you paint over them. Hence, you do not want the DENTURIST to take an impression of your ridges when you have adhesive in your mouth.

Adhesive also acts like skin lotion and swells the tissue in your mouth the same way the lotion works on your hands to moisturize and get rid of wrinkles. It expands your ridges slightly. It is best to not wear adhesive for 48 hours before your appointment.


How should I chew with my dentures?

You need to think of your dentures like a serving tray. If you don’t balance your food on either side, then your tray will tilt. The same theory works with your dentures. You need to chew with the same amount of food on both sides at the same time. A dime size on the left and a dime size on the right will maximize your chewing force. Biting on one side, or biting into your food, will cause your denture to tip and put pressure into your mouth resulting in sore spots.


If my Denture breaks, should I glue it?

No, the glue will cause space between the joint and throw the alignment off. If you break your denture or a tooth falls out, call NuSmile immediately for a repair. Repairs can be done the same day as long as you come in early in the day.

How long does it take to build a denture?

It takes about four appointments.

Impressions, bite, wax try-in and delivery.  The wax try-in stage is the most important. If the teeth are not placed correctly, then we will reset the teeth to place them in the correct position. REMEMBER never wear adhesive 48 hours prior to your appointment for the best possible mold of your mouth.

What makes up a denture?       

Dentures are made of the base acrylic (pink part) and denture teeth. There are different grades of denture acrylic and teeth.

There are also different types of denture processing (curing of the denture base). One is the tried and true split pack method and the other is the injection system. The injection system is much stronger and more accurate than split pack method. Ask NuSmile for more information.

How many types of quality dentures does NuSmile make?       

Four types. Economy, basic, analog premium, and digital premium. Consult with Mike Ankermiller to determine which denture is right for you.

Does weight gain and loss affect the fit of your dentures?

Yes. Fluctuation of weight is caused by diabetics, medication, water weight and dieting or overeating. You have tissue over your ridges (gums)  in your mouth. As you gain and lose weight, your ridges will expand or shrink due to the weight loss.

Will pets eat my dentures?     

Yes. Pets, although we love them, will eat your dentures and cause you a costly repair. Please place your dentures in a denture cup and out of reach of your pets.

How often should I get my dentures checked?  

Anytime you are feeling discomfort or at least once a year.

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