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Dental flippers are a cost-effective and efficient tooth replacement option that can be used either permanently or temporarily, depending on your individual needs. Mr. Mike Ankermiller of NuSmile Denture Care in Kennewick, Washington, offers quality dental flippers to give patients a wide spectrum of options for missing teeth. Mr. Ankermiller can help you to decide the best tooth replacement option for you. Call or click to schedule online.

Dental Flippers Q & A

What are dental flippers?

Dental flippers are often used as a temporary tooth replacement while you wait for permanent tooth-replacement options, such as dental implants. Some people choose a flipper as a permanent solution for one or more missing teeth since it’s quicker and more cost-effective.

A flipper effectively fills in any visible gaps either permanently or temporarily, depending on the individual. A flipper tooth is often constructed before the natural tooth is removed.

A flipper is also sometimes referred to as a removable partial denture. It only takes a few days to make and a couple of visits to the dental office. Flippers are usually created with pink, gum-colored denture acrylic that supports the replacement tooth.

Flippers are lightweight, and some have clasps that fit around your existing teeth to hold them in place.

Mr. Ankermiller takes an impression of your mouth in the office and fabricates bite blocks, which are used to capture the jaw relationship between the upper and lower arches.  

How should I take care of my dental flipper?

It’s important to take good care of your flipper for optimal durability. Brush your flipper as you would your natural teeth but do not use toothpaste or the same toothbrush you use on your teeth. Toothpaste will scratch your denture, and bacteria will grow on your dentures and cause a foul odor. Some flippers can be used regularly for eating, but others might need to be removed.

When you aren’t wearing your flipper, store it in an orthodontic case. Mr. Ankermiller gives you detailed instructions to take care of your flipper, so it lasts as long as possible.

What are the benefits of dental flippers?

Flippers are a good choice for adults who are missing a single tooth or several teeth that aren’t connected together. Flippers can restore the appearance of natural teeth quickly and inexpensively.

Flippers are often planned in advance and prepared prior to the tooth removal, so they can be fitted immediately.

Flippers involve fewer dental visits and less time than other types of partial dentures. Many people are drawn to flippers because they’re easy to insert and take out for cleaning.

A flipper can improve chewing, eating, and speaking as well as restore the appearance of your smile. To find out if a flipper is the right tooth-replacement option for you, visit Mr. Ankermiller and the NuSmile Denture Care team.