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Mr. Mike Ankermiller of NuSmile Denture Care in Kennewick, Washington, provides denture implants — surgically placed implants -- as a solution for escaping dentures, missing teeth, and other dental health complications. The NuSmile team offers the highest standard of dental care and a variety of custom denture implants. Start with a consultation; call or click to book online.


Denture Implants Q & A

What are denture implants?

Denture implants have greatly improved traditional dentures by utilizing implants — hardware that acts as artificial tooth roots. These titanium implants safely bond with your natural jawbone to securely hold your dentures in place. Denture implants allow for enhanced comfort and stability.

There are different types of denture implants, such as fixed or removable dentures that you can even take out for cleaning.

The length of time it takes to complete the process of obtaining denture implants depends on a variety of factors, such as the need for bone grafting and if it’s the upper or lower jaw, or both. The process can take anywhere from five months to a year.

Two surgeries are typically needed: one to place the implants in the jawbone under your gums and the second once your implants have fused to the jawbone to expose the top of the implants so your dentures can be attached. In some cases, implants and a supporting bar can be placed in one single session.

What are the different types of removable denture implants?

There are a number of removable denture implants:

Ball-retained denture implants

Ball-retained denture implants have a metal ball-shaped abutment that sits just above the gums on each implant. The ball-shaped abutments easily snap onto the round sockets in the bottom of the dentures.

Bar-retained denture implants

A bar-retained denture implant involves the placement of around three or four implants and a customized bar that’s attached to the implants. The bar provides sufficient support through a series of clips, and the denture securely fits over the top of the bar.

Locator attachments

A plastic insert encased in a metal housing is fitted inside the denture to allow the denture to attach to the locator attachments.

Do denture implants require special care?

Take care of your denture implants by cleaning every day with gentle brushing and flossing. Never use toothpaste or the toothbrush that you use for brushing your teeth. Toothpaste will scratch your denture, causing bacteria to grow in the acrylic and resulting in a bad odor. After your surgery to place your dental implants, avoid putting any pressure on the area of the surgical incisions. You should wait one to two weeks before brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush.

Be sure to keep the bone and gum tissue around the implants clean to decrease your risk of infection. You might be given cleaning aids to take home, and you’ll have regular dental checkups to monitor the maintenance of your new dentures.

Denture implants are a safe and sturdy alternative to less comfortable dentures. Begin with a consultation and call the office or conveniently book online.